A Spreegold Store location

The Berlin Spreegold Stores offer a unique ambiance. They mirror the spirit of the times and the lifestyle of the people of this European metropolis. Cosmopolitan and hospitable, as well as a trendsetter when it comes to fresh food and drinks.

All of Spreegold’s dishes are based on seasonal, freshly available produce. In particular food trends, such as paleo, acai bowls, clean eating, and homemade burgers are on offer in our stores.

Coffee in all varieties, hot drinks also ice cold, vitamin drinks, shakes and craft beers, as wall as Cocktails and select wines.
Our offers turn your party into a unique event.

Spreegold Catering at a chosen location

Apart from fresh food and drinks, Spreegold Catering is the perfect location. At your home, in your company, or at a special location, you will experience that magical moment that will stay with you forever.

From a 3-course meal or buffet to Flying Food, Live Cooking or a gala dinner – we develop your catering concept! Crazy and hip paired with creativity and zeitgeist or urban classic!

The Spreegold team will present you with a choice of creative dishes and drinks.

A custom Spreegold Event

An event, a festivity, a happening, a party, a show, or a spectacle are all events that consist of many different ingredients. Spreegold Events will design a comprehensive concept and organize all the necessary ingredients.

Catering with a feel-good factor!

Special design requests, furniture or decoration ideas, show programs, hostess services – with our long-standing partners we create magical moments.

If your guests have a good time and are happy to come again, we have done everything right.